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Il locale

Le pizze

ristorante pizzeria al peperone rosso 7

I piatti

come and visit our place: it's small but as the Italians say
"it's in the small barrel that you find the best wine!

professionality and experience help to make our pizza a real delicacy sought by
Wood oven lovers

our dishes: simple but prepared with love .For us , they are superior to any gourmet dish

Long live simplicity

You can just ask everybody here and you will hear always the same opinion: good quality, warm reception and a right price are not just words for us but the essential ingredients that we use to make our customers come back over and over again​

Enzo, Franca, Debora and Beppe

ancora pizza

Long live Pizza!

In order to have it thin and crispy as you prefer it we use the method of the long leavening with only fresh ingredients of a high quality.


The "Schiacciattine" which is our speciality are made of the same as pizza dough but all the ingredients are raw thus making this dish a good starter and in summer time it is a perfect light and complete main course. 


According to the season our pizzaiolo has always something new to offer out of the main menu. At our place the pizza doesn't have any time-table, it is available both for lunch and dinner and if there is anybody who waits for you at home you will find it ready to take off. 


Our restaurant is the right place for you to spend a good pizza time with your friends or colleagues in a simple and refined atmosphere. 

The place

ristorante pizzeria al peperone rosso posate

Our dishes

ristorante pizzeria al peperone rosso piatto

Everything for your comfort

We are situated in the heart of Monferrato between the gardens of Peperone di Motta. From the very inauguration in 2008 our main goal was to find a marriage between a good reception and and a cuisine of a high quality. That is why we made our best to create a family style restaurant with simple and refined atmosphere where you can find local specialities, best pizza, meat and fish which you may taste with excellent local wines and grapppas. 


Here you may spend nice time with your colleagues and friends, organise birthday parties and special occasions choosing the menu according to your tastes. 

In summer time you may enjoy our cozy dehor. You can choose some dishes quick to prepare for lunch and the business menu as well and  as for the dinner we are happy to let you enjoy the evening by choosing delicios dishes from our menu a' la carte. 


We accept all types of credit cards and there is  a free wifi connection for all our customers. We are open all the week for lunch and dinner except Wednesday.


ristorante pizzeria al peperone rosso pizza

Our dishes

ristorante pizzeria al peperone rosso piatto
ancora locale
ancora piatti

Our dishes

Our restaurant is a perfect choice for those who love a home-made food,both national and local, meat or fish. In fact we are proud of our rich menu with its excellent variety of fried fish which has already become famous and the meat cooked according to the local recipes of Monferrato. 

We use only fresh ingredients and seasonal vegetables.


There is a great choice for everybody and for those who doesn't know what to choose we suggest typical starters of Piemonte region and the "Tagliata al peperone", a "Starter del Pirata" (variety of cooked fish), "Fritto misto" (variety of fried fish) and "Squids and prawns cooked on the griddle with bruschetta" which is just unspeakable!


ristorante pizzeria al peperone rosso pizza

The place

ristorante pizzeria al peperone rosso posate

As for those who wants to come ready to choose just CLICK HERE.

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